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By 30 Nov 2015

5 Reasons Why Users Are Leaving Your App

It’s a common scenario: you’ve launched your app and downloads are skyrocketing! But within a few days, the number of active users slowly starts to decrease (or maybe not so slowly). This situation can leave app developers wondering “why?” Below, we’ve detailed a few reasons why your user base might be shrinking.

Reason 1: You launched your app this week.

  • Ready for a big statistic? The average app loses 77% of its users in the first three days (ARC from Applause) Obviously, as an app developer, you will budget for this loss – not everyone that downloads your app will find a use for it. However, there are ways to remedy such a large decrease in active users such as creating an outstanding first experience.

Reason 2: You’re not catering to a user’s first visit.

  • First impressions are everything. Because it’s so likely for a user to download an app and quickly lose interest, you need to make sure the first visit to your app provides the greatest user experience. As Andrew Chen points out in his findings, “the best way to bend the retention curve is to target the first few days of usage … in particular, the first visit.” If a new user is confused by how your app works, or if the experience is sloppy or unpolished, they’re unlikely to revisit your app.

Reason 3: You’re not using push notifications.

  • Push notifications are the number one way to re-engage your users. In fact, a study by MarketingLand found that push notifications drive up 90-day retention rates by 180%. With dozens of apps downloaded on the average smartphone, recently downloaded apps can get lost in the shuffle. Just be sure to follow two important guidelines: make your push notifications relevant and engaging, and less is more when it comes to notifying users.

Reason 4: You’re not giving the user enough reasons to re-visit.

  • Eleven should be your magic number – according to the statistics, once a user visits your app eleven times, they are less likely to drop off. Using tactics to entice your customers to open your app, whether that’s through push notifications, early incentives or a captivating first experience, you’re increasing the likelihood of them becoming longtime users.

Reason 5: You need to step up your customer service game.

  • A recent study by Gartner predicted that by 2016, 89% of companies will compete mostly on the basis of customer service. Mobile customer support is not exempt from this. If your users cannot easily find answers to their questions within your app, they’re likely to find an alternative app with an improved customer experience. To remedy this, consider adding a mobile app help desk to your app, and providing in-app chat and self-service FAQs to help users solve issues they encounter. Focus on quality in-app customer service and you’re likely to see your retention rates increase!

Getting customers to download your app is only the first part of the equation. It is equally important to continually engage and retain your current users – as those tend to be your biggest spenders.’s customer service model is focused on retention – with self-service FAQs and in-app customer service, we enable app developers to create a positive experience for their new users. To learn more about joining our private beta, apply here.