Case Study


Mountain View, California




55% Reduction of Incoming Questions and 30% reduction in agent average handling time.

30% Reduction in Average Handling Time

55% Reduction in questions needing an Agent to answer

Mountain View Chamber of Commerce

Artificial Intelligence Helps Agents Solve Customer Issues Fast

Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, and with members like Google, Linkedin, and Facebook, just to name a few, the Mountain View Chamber of Commerce is central to one of the world’s most thriving business communities. The Chamber serves as the collective voice of many hundreds of businesses, both large and small, which together employ over 40,000 people.

Members and the community benefit from Chamber ran programs and events, advocacy opportunities, and numerous resources designed to bring value to their socioeconomically diverse and innovative business community.

Each September, they also put on the Mountain View Art & Wine Festival, what is widely considered one of America’s top art festivals, hosting thousands of art and wine enthusiasts from the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond.

But offering diverse services and resources to members, along with putting on major productions, the Chamber sees high volumes of member and visitor questions on their support channels. To make matters more complicated, many of these questions come in waves throughout the year tied to their seasonal events, making the scaling of dedicated resources for customer service challenging.

Better solution needed

As increasing ticket volumes continued to be a drain on productivity and resources, the team began researching new customer support solutions that might provide faster response times for end-users, while also improving the process of answering the many commonly asked questions the team was receiving.
After some research, they did discover one product that had the ability to deal with their complex demands – is an advanced customer service software product that uses artificial intelligence to answer your customer’s questions. To do this, uses a combination of Natural Language Processing, Information Extraction, Deep Learning, Semantic Parsing and other advanced technologies to best determine responses for service Agents to give when they answer a customer inquiry.

At first, the artificial intelligence engine monitors live agent interactions, and
learns to suggest and mimic the best agent responses. Then takes on a copilot role, suggesting appropriate responses to customer questions, which are either accepted, edited, or rejected by human agents. And finally, as the system grows more confident in its responses, agents can turn on autopilot mode, which handles routine questions automatically.

Management at Mountain View Chamber of Commerce said they were impressed with the team, and found us to be extremely knowledgeable about all issues relating to customer service and artificial intelligence.

“It was apparent early on that they have put great detail into developing an advanced end-to-end solution that realistically delivers better customer service,” said Tony Siress, President & Chief Executive Officer. “We added the web client to our website and the process was very easy and seamless. The dashboard is extremely intuitive and we had a great onboarding experience with the team.”

With each passing ticket handled with, the Chamber’s service team are training the AI to be more intelligent and assistive. Now, providing accurate answers for their customers is a quick and easy process.

Reduced interaction times

Both customers and Agents are benefiting from a 30% reduction in average Agent interaction time, and the Chamber is seeing a 55% reduction in the number of questions that need handling by agents, with this figure projected to ultimately reach 70-80%.

Response accuracy rates continue to climb month over month, and the team has already set approximately 50 frequently asked questions to Autopilot mode. The Chamber’s customer service efficiency will continue to increase as more of their customers’ questions are answered automatically via the power of artificial intelligence.