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Leveraging’s artificial intelligence to serve as a first responder for common FAQs

80% Customer Service Inquiries

0.67 second Average Response time

TopHatter: E-commerce giant turns artificial intelligence to improve customer service satisfaction and average handle times

Tophatter is revolutionizing the e-commerce landscape with a discovery shopping app that’s truly one-of-a-kind. Shoppers compete in fleeting, 90-second auctions to win deals of up to 80% off jewelry, electronics, beauty and fashion. Leveraging smart technology to serve shoppers a unique experience every visit, Tophatter delivers the world’s most efficient rapid marketplace and connects sellers to over 12 million shoppers across the globe, selling an average of 2 million products each month.

With such a fast-paced shopping model, Tophatter’s customers expect an equally quick and easy customer service experience. Tophatter had developed an email based response system to handle customer service inquiries. However, as a fast growing company, they were looking for a solution that would scale well and reduce dependency on live agents for solving simpler problems. Tophatter needed an adaptable platform that would give them multi-channel support, while seamlessly complementing their existing email infrastructure.

Like most companies, Tophatter found that it’s the common, straightforward questions which make up the bulk of their support. With, Tophatter can help buyers by using AI to answer frequently asked questions or guide them to find information within their account. The AI learns the appropriate responses to customer questions by training with Tophatter agents on live tickets, as well as through historical customer service interactions, FAQs and support documentation.

Having the AI be the first responder for common questions enables Tophatter’s customer service agents to focus more on complex questions that required in depth responses. And if a problem arises that can’t easily be solved by AI, automatically escalates the case to a human agent and the appropriate department queue for handling.

“I’ve been consistently impressed with the work the team has done, building the AI’s ability to develop and learn,” said Aimee Valle, Head of Buyer Support. “I would recommend incorporating’s technology for anyone already using a chat-based support system.”’s mobile-optimized chat support interface integrates directly within the Tophatter app to provide customers with help right when they need it. Combined alongside their pre-existing email support channel, helps Tophatter deliver forward-thinking, customer-friendly service that matches the speed of their business.