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By Agent AI 26 Oct 2017

innogy New Ventures invests in

Published on Innogy Innovation Hub:–a-new-investment-in-an-ai-supported-platform-for-innogy-s-customer-service A new investment in an AI-supported platform for innogy’s customer service
This month, innogy New Ventures LLC in the Silicon Valley invested in With this investment, innogy enters a new area where our customers will be able to interact with AI-supported agents for a high-quality customer service by using popular messaging platforms on their smartphone. This new technological solution will be implemented first in the Polish retail business.

Artificial intelligence that answers your customers’ questions in seconds, not days

In the innogy InnovationHub, we believe that Artificial Intelligence and robotics will fundamentally change our way of living and working. While we do not believe that robots will completely replace humans in the workplace in the near future, we want to harvest the potential of robots and humans already working hand in hand today. Robots and AI-supported algorithms will analyze vast amounts of data, customer preferences and behaviors to provide their “human colleagues” with the right information at the right time.

Implementation phase starts in Poland

In the first phase innogy is implementing the new AI-based technology in the Polish retail business. will assist innogy Polska’s current customer service team by automatically responding to customer queries or suggesting the most relevant answer to the customer service agent. If required, the bot will seamlessly handover to a human customer service agent – ensuring customers will always be able to discuss their individual requests with a human agent.

“Customer Service is often done like in the 80’s and is an area waiting to be disrupted. Our mission is to support organizations to improve their customer service using artificial intelligence and messaging.”  –  Fred Hsu, CEO

“At innogy, we believe that artificial intelligence will impact every aspect of our value chain. However, humans and AI must work together to deliver best results – especially in customer service! will help us achieve this goal.”  –  Sebastian Niestrath, Venture Developer at innogy New Ventures LLC