Artificial Intelligence that assists your Agents
  • Answer quickly and accurately
  • Happier Agents mean happier customers
TopHatter able to resolve frequently asked questions in a fraction of a second with AI responses


Help your customers with their most common questions
  • Leverage AI to answer repetitive customer FAQs and issues
  • Enable agents to handle more complex issues at scale
The Mountain View Chamber of Commerce saw 55% reduction of tickets that needed human agent handling

Why Customer Support Automation
Using AI

Better Availability

51% of consumers say they want customer service to be available 24/7

Happier Customers

See better feedback from your customers

Better Familiarity

Messaging 95% more preferred over Email/Phone

No Delays

42% of customers prefer to interact with a chat solution because they do not have to wait on hold

Live Chat
No Agent Seat Charges
Analytics & Insights
Omni-Channel Integrations